Saturday, March 22, 2008

How a U.S. soul singer became Africa's No.1 Lady Detective ... with a little help from a padded behind

Source: Daily Mail

01:26am on 21st March 2008

On the first day of filming the BBC drama The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency in hot and dusty Botswana, southern Africa, the show's leading lady, Jill Scott, could be forgiven for having her thoughts elsewhere.

For one thing, there's her mother to be concerned about. She is in the USA, 8,000 miles away from the film's location, recovering — successfully, thankfully — from cancer.

And then there's the pain of Jill's recent divorce from her husband of seven years and partner of 12, Lyzel Williams, to play on her mind.

Most pressingly, there's the [continue reading]

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Donn Edwards said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. I have been a No 1 fan for ages, and finally managed to listen to all the No 1 Audiobooks on

Whenever I get depressed because of the problems in South Africa, Mma Ramotswe gives me hope. Someday I may move to Gaborone.