Monday, July 30, 2007

McCall Smith assists Botswana Red Cross

source: Daily News, Botswana
By Lorato Okaile

GABORONE - About P25 000 was raised for the Botswana Red Cross Society during a fund-raising event dubbed “An evening with Alexander McCall Smith”.
The event featured Alexander McCall Smith of the best selling ‘The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ serialised novels.

Secretary General of the Botswana Red Cross Society, Ms Mabel Rammekwa, said in an interview that the funds would be used for various programmes implemented by the society.

The progammes she highlighted included disaster preparedness and relief, refugee health and psych-social support, Community Based Rehabilitation and the First Aid Programme.

Botswana Red Cross Society, as an impartial, neutral and independent organisation, aims to identify, prevent, and alleviate human suffering as well as to foster human dignity in all communities.
The evening also provided people who have interest in McCall Smith books an opportunity to interact with him.

McCall Smith whose books are set in Botswana shared his experiences on the popularity of the novels with the audience during a humorous interview with Mr Barolong Seboni, a poet and English lecturer at the University of Botswana.

He said Mma Ramotswe’s personality was characterised by kindness, intelligence, decency and patience is influenced by the warm nature found in most local people.
“The character is present in Botswana among the people,” he said.

He told the audience how some readers were fascinated by Precious Ramotswe the fictional central character in the series of eight novels. She is a Motswana, and the first female private detective in Botswana.

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