Monday, April 28, 2008

No 1 Ladies` Opera House is open

source: Mmegi

A new restaurant, music centre and opera house is now open to the public. It is located at Kgale Siding beyond St Joseph's Senior Secondary School and open from 7 am to 4 pm (except Sundays) for breakfast, bush tea, lunch and afternoon coffee and cakes.

Meals offered include, in the morning, Alexander McCall Smith's favourite breakfast, Mr J L B Matekoni's breakfast, Mma Makutsi's pancakes with a Mma Ramotswe's pot of bush tea. In the afternoon dishes like a Speedy Motors trusted lunch or an Angelika Orford special are on offer. They are well cooked by John and Alphonce, served by Smokey the waiter and with Vivian for backup.

The No 1 Ladies' Opera House is the brainchild of David Slater, formally of Maitisong and Alexander McCall Smith, formerly of the University of Botswana, but now a professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was teaching medical ethics until the success of his over 55 books changed his life. He is best known for his series of novels, "The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency", that have sold [continue reading]

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mma-ramotswe in NZ

source: Mmegi (Botswana)

Mma-ramotswe in NZ Alexander McCall Smith's novels about The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency have captured imaginations around the world and prompted a BBC TV series. BOB MADDAMS follows in Precious Ramotswe's footsteps around Gaborone before investigating the real Botswana.

It wasn't your typical stake-out. We had parked right outside the suspect's house, which stood in a wide tree-lined street in a quiet residential part of Gaborone, Botswana's capital. "OK," whispered Tim, "this is the place."

But Tim Race is no private eye. He's the boss of Africa Insight, which runs the official No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Tour. "You don't need to be an expert on the whole series of books," he reassured me. "So long as you've at least read the first one you'll get a lot out of it."

However, those who sign up for the tour often have more than a passing acquaintance with the adventures of [continue reading]

The irony of Mma ramotswe

source: Mmegi (Botswana)

I had the wonderful privilege ofattending the premiere of our so long-awaited-for picture of "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency", commonly known around households as Mma Ramotswe, courtesy of the Botswana Tourism Board.

Popular as it seems to have become, I am still tempted to contemplate whether the Government of Botswana still holds that this concept is worth the financial muscle it commanded because I personally reckon it leaves a lot to be desired.

Mma Ramotswe is definitely not the first picture to be produced in Botswana and exported to the outside world. We boast of "Thokolosi" and 'Re Bina Mmogo" which were screened on Btv and South African Broadcasting Corporation. The only notable difference between such pictures and Mma Ramotswe is that the likes of [continue reading]

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It`s A Night Of Celebration For Mma Ramotswe

source: Mmegi


The movie No 1 Ladies' Detective or Mma Ramotswe premiered last weekend in different locations including the New Capitol Cinema, Riverwalk and the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) and on Friday night the British Council hosted an evening of cultural entertainment at the Botswana Craft Marketing to honour movie participants.

All the local artistes whose songs were used in the movie's sound track were invited to perform at the show. It was a cool night of live music featuring Botswana's cream of the top, Maxy Mogwana, Vee, Stampore, Shanti Lo, Chris Manto 7 and Gogo jazz band. But as they say class is permanent while form is only temporary. One of Botswana's pioneer musicians, the respected Mmashoro vocalist Gaotwesepe Robalang proved her mettle against a young generation of artistes who are regarded as celebrities.

Patrons had raised over P2,000 for the aging singer whose song, Gokatweng dominated the airwaves during the [continue reading]

MmaRamotswe promotes Botswana

source: Botswana Press Agency
15 April, 2008

GABORONE: - The making of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency movies has raised Botswanas international profile and attracted an increased interest in Botswana, Director of British Council, Mr Stephen Forbes says.

He was speaking at an event to commemorate Anthony Minghella and celebrate artists in the film. The event dubbed No 1 Ladies Detective Agency -The Music was held at BotswanaCraft on Friday Mr Forbes said that when the film was screened in the UK on BBC TV recently, it attracted an audience of over 6 million.

He said this has already attracted an increased interest in Botswana. He said that before the film, they had to persuade British partners to visit the country and had to do a lot of background explaining about the situation in Botswana.

He said that British organisations are now phoning and suggesting projects they can do and are asking to be invited to Botswana.

This presents us with the opportunity to build on the successful collaboration of the film to enhance links in film and film production He said the No 1 Ladies Detective could also help in [continue reading]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Botswana: Mma-Ramotswe gets warm reception

source: Botswana Press Agency
14 April, 2008

GABORONE - The much talked about movie No.1 Ladies Detective Agency popularly known as Mma-Ramotswe has already generated more than P18 million since its first premiere in London, UK, on March 14 this year, says Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Mr Kitso Mokaila.

Speaking at the first screening of the movie locally, Mr Mokaila said the television adapted movie, based on the series of books by the Scottish author, Alexander Mc Call Smith, is a significant effort by the government in its quest to sell the country internationally.

He said the movie, which tells a story about Botswana and the Batswana culture and values through humor has so far not disappointed.

Mr Mokaila said the media reviews that have followed the London premiering have been phenomenal.

He said positive testimonies from the international stars that participated in the movie, among them the lead actress Jill Scott have sold Botswana to the international market.

The Minister said the movie scored yet another achievement during Easter Sunday by attracting more than six million viewers on the UK local channel BBC 1 BBC producers acknowledged that this was the biggest television show over the Easter weekend, he said.

He said for the local market negotiations are at an advanced stage for a [continue reading]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

GICC hosts Mma-Ramotswe premiere on Saturday

source: Botswana Press Agency
09 April, 2008

GABORONE - The long awaited local premiere of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency movie popularly known as Mma-Ramotswe is scheduled for Saturday at GICC.

According to a release from the Botswana Tourism Board The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency movie is the first major film to be undertaken in the country after a P30 Million contribution by the government towards the production of the movie.

The movie whose theme is centered on a Motswana woman, features US singer Jill Scott in the lead role of Precious Ramotswe, who is the owner of a Botswana Detective Agency.

The part of Grace Makutsi, Mma Ramotswes secretary is played by singer and actress Anika Noni Rose, who starred in the film Dreamgirls.

Locals benefited by playing supporting characters in the movie.The series is filmed in Botswana.

The first premier of the movie was held twice in London hosted by Botswana Tourism Board in association with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and [continue reading]

Weinsteins Launch International TV Distribution Unit


NEW YORK, April 7: The Weinstein Company has created a new international television division, which is making its debut at MIPTV with The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, based on Alexander McCall Smith’s novel of the same name.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency launched to 6.3 million viewers in the U.K. on the BBC. HBO has already ordered 13 one-hour episodes that will begin filming this summer, with HBO obtaining the U.S. and Canadian television and home-video rights, and the BBC taking [continue reading]